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 A little more about us:

International business and trade are playing a greater role in our daily lives.  We are being affected more and more by international trade.  In our daily business lives, it behooves us to know more about the other cultures in the business world.  This includes the technology world which includes computers, websites, and other technologies that is pervading our lives.  It is essential that we know the other cultures with which we do business so that we can be successful in our endeavors in dealing with foreign companies and countries.  This includes our websites and desire to deal with technology as a part of our doing business on a global scale.  If we know these foreign markets, we will be more successful in our business endeavors.  The same holds true for those activities which include buying and selling websites.


The same is true for buying and selling websites.  It obviously helps to have a partner that is familiar with those cultures and business operations with which we are not familiar.  If we want to purchase a website, it would be very advantageous for us to have a partner who is knowledgeable about the culture of the business with whom we are dealing.   This very definitely holds true when we are trying to purchase or sell a website.


eWebsiteBroker has that business knowledge and experience of multiple cultures, namely English and Spanish, eWebsiteBroker can provide you with significant assistance buying and selling websites in foreign countries because this company has the experience of working in foreign countries with international firms. Additionally, eWebsiteBroker has the experience of working in different sectors of industry, such as chemical products, manufacturing, and the services industry.  The management of the firm has been involved in the purchase and sale of companies.  That experience serves it well in conducting transactions involving websites.  The organization has significant experience in the valuation of companies.


The firm provides multiple services from the beginning to the end of the transaction.  In the beginning of the process, the company will conduct the search and the valuation.  Next, the firm will create the pre-sale listing, which includes the selling terms, conditions of sales, and the structure of the transaction.  The company will then set the negotiated price for the website.  The next step is the qualification by the firm of possible future buyers of the website.  The company will determine the qualifications that the buying companies must have.  As the process continues, the firm will obtain offers to purchase or letters of intent from potential buyers.  The next step in the process will be to conduct due diligence studies on the prospective buyers.  The last activities in the buying process are that the company will create asset purchase agreements and other documents for the closing of the transaction. eWebsiteBroker will then conduct post-transaction services in order to make sure that all proceedings were adequately fulfilled.   In conclusion, eWebsiteBroker will provide full services to the seller and will not outsource these services to a third party firm.


It should also be well noted that eWebsiteBroker will act as the agent for the purchaser of the website. This is a unique service that eWebsiteBroker provides to the transactional processes.  eWebsiteBroker will provide the same comparable services to the Buyer that it provides to the Seller.


eWebsiteBroker provides a unique and easy opportunity and service for companies in different cultures and locations to buy and sell their websites.

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