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We are passionate website brokers in a mission to help and connect Sellers with Buyers


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” We genuinely  and care about our customers and are dedicated to serving them well. We learn their criteria, understand their specific goals and objectives, and develop solutions that deliver business value. We build teams with our customers to maximize our ability to deliver the highest possible value. We always respond with a sense of urgency. And we strive to develop long-term customer relationships by consistently delivering quality information, innovation in our processes, and business value that meet or exceed our customers’ expectations – with no surprises “

The Selling and Buying Process

Proven Process:
It is a rigorous, multi-step process for vetting sites that includes both the use of automated tools and manual checks.
Pre-Sale/ Listing:
We assist you with the disposition of the business and advise on the aspects of the transaction including selling terms, conditions of sale and structure of the transaction.
Buyer Qualification:
Potential buyers are located through the customized marketing program, as well as from existing relationships.
Letter of Intent:
With the interested buyer in the business, we will secure a letter of intent (LOI) and/or offer to purchase (OTP) from the buyer and present it to the Seller for consideration.
Due Diligence:
The prospective buyer evaluates the business operations, performs an analysis of the financials and has the opportunity to ask open ended questions about the firm.
eWebsiteBroker will coordinate the Asset Purchase Agreement and other needed closing documents with the Seller and Buyer for  review and approval.

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